2018 Registration to race

Welcome to the 2018 Wednesday Night Sailboat Races!

Race fees are as follows if prepaid:

Enter for the # Scheduled Races US Sailing Member Non Member
Year, early, NA 20 $185**NA $220
Year 20 $200** $220
Year (Junior) 20 $100 $100
Series 4 $45 $50
Night 1 $15 $20

All races unpaid past Wednesday following participation cost original fee plus $5 each. Early registration ends 3/21/18 at midnight ****. Junior registration requires nightly check-in with RC
Fees after start of second series are $45/50 per remaining series. Registration can be made online using this form. Registration is valid when fees are paid. Send fees to:

P. O. Box 1189
Kemah, Texas 77565

Use Paypal (currently an off-line task) or other electronic transfer that works or give fees to RC at a Seminar or Skipper's meeting or before the start of awards on race night. We are glad you enjoy racing sailboats!!! To use paypal go to their web page and follow directions to send money to a person using C_L_R_A@comcast.net as the email address for sending the money
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We might use texting as a way to notify competitors of rainouts, cancellations, or other information.

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If this entry does not correspond to a known boat for rating purposes, a rating of 50 will be assigned. send appeals to contact us.,

Non Stock Modifications to my boat
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All boats must have a sail number unique to their class, and preferably unique to the event.

Boat Name, if any
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Choose the class in which you intend to race.(*)
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If you chose "other" have your fleet representative send in an email listing class members. 5 registered and paid members are required. The PRO must approve new classes. *Multihulls may race or start with Portsmouth.

We use Portsmouth wind-indexed ratings from US Sailing as the basis for our handicap keelboat races. If your boat does not have a handicap listed with US Sailing, and you do not have a local PHRF certificate, you may supply information about your boat and a related comparable boat to allow an initial handicap to be set. Use "contact us" to send the information. We solicit your opinions about that handicap, but it is not subject to redress. ---RC
*Supply experience justifying Novice status of helmsman by email using "Contact us" in this menu. Needed only if new to novice class.
Are both Skipper and crew Juniors, ie 17 or under as of 10/1/2018(*)
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If entering as Juniors, pay reduced fees and note special check-in requirements each time you race.

We strongly encourage US Sailing membership, are a member organization and conduct our races under US Sailing authority. Please supply your member ID when registering or by using the "contact us" item in the menu on the web page.You may join US Sailing (and should)at any time.
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US Sailing Membership Number must be supplied for discount to apply.

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After the end of series two, entry fees for the rest of the season are 45 Dollars for each remaining series or part thereof.
To register for multiple nights Please register once indicating multiple nights and send us the dates with 'Contact us'. Please pay in advance if possible. If your plans are not firm, tell us.
Mandatory Waiver
I agree to compete fairly and in a sportsmanlike manner under the Racing Rules of Sailing. I agree to pay the fees for participation. I understand that the decision to race is mine, and mine alone. I will not blame or hold the racing authority (Clear Lake Racing Association), the race committee, or its sponsors liable for any death or personal injury, or for any damage to boats, sails or equipment.
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