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Working on "Captains seeking crew", better events calendar, pictures etc.  Use 'contact us' to make other website or SI suggestions.  Results will remain available till end February.

 Final Year-To-Date Results are posted



Sept 20 results posted

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About this time of year we ask for nominations to receive our various annual awards, aka Best(crew, sportsmanship, costumes, set decoration, and the like), which you ignore just as you ignore the academy awards for all that technical stuff.  Once again we ask, with one caveat.  Absent nominations, we will either not award the prizes or we will throw names in a hat and may award the wrong people.  

by the way, a nomination must include a valid reason why.  And "shows up" and "tries hard" are not valid reasons for these awards.  Think on it and please nominate someone...  See sailing instructions for actual category.  Vote early and often.


 Race 4 tonight ends series 2.  No racing next week, June 7.  Come on out tonight and celebrate the Summer doldrums.




Another great night of racing..  Good wind. a little cooler, and fabulo0us racing.  We are still working on some of the scoring for tonight, but most crises are managed.  Consider the Corinthian sport of sailing alive and well.  Tonight 10-15 people voluntarily corrected their scores to make them worse.


It was a great night for sailing.  Lessons were given in a certain large class by a couple of the best.  I think 6-8 people thought they were going to win tonight in the J22 class, but there can be only one.  Strong persistent breeze, a little cooling, and its a good sail.  Series one awards were handed out.

We are  working on the frequently asked questions section.  Lots of people submit questions on our contact us line, and John or Scott usually answers.  I am going through the questions looking for ones of general interest.



Racing tonight May 10, this is a new series, Welcome new competitors

Further changes unlikely till May 8.  If you have an issue, please send in an email, but  don't expect to have free time till then.  Lo and behold, free time.  J22 and NSB are 'fixed' according to what I have been told.  Just me and the other mushrooms down here...See you May 10 for series 2






Raining now, but humans, sailboats, and most RC members are waterproof, so unless we hear thunder, racing is 'on'.  Once again, because of early sunset we will combine starts for like classes, so keep alert in the starting area.



Good wind, but from the wrong direction, and a little gusty...which rhymes with dusty, a word that describes the mental state of several competitors, which includes many notable Skippers who arrived at the Villa Capri three hours early for the awards party.  Excuses ran like water.  Too windy, low water, my dog would not eat my homework.... Nowhere is it written that Sailors differ from fishermen when it comes to enhancing stories.

There were also bumper boats.  Fortunately no injury or damage, but...  Folks, we are very close to changing the rules to severely penalize any contact.  Not there yet, but... 

And finally please register on-line.  Paying is nice(Scott loves it), but our whole mechanism of tracking and scoring relies on getting your data into the system.  You are not officially racing until registered on-line.  Your SI states it, making it as much of a rule as Port/Starboard.  Thank you.



Registration is open. Time to sign up! Racing starts April 5

***Discount annual registration is now closed

***New Sailing Instructions issued

***New courses and google earth images posted under 'Courses for 2017'

You may now register for a Novice version of Portsmouth.


We have added two very useful summaries of the rules changes to the articles to read list,

see left side menu

The one by Dave Perry is a little more complete and is organized in order of your rule book. The one from Quantum is also by a prominent writer, Bryan Willis, from the UK, who has a little different perspective.  Wednesday night March 15, John Butler will lead a few exercises to address some of the issues.  Please review these ahead of time and bring your questions.  btw, Dave Perry's course on rules and tactics is recommended.

Remaining pre-racing Wednesdays:

March 29 Skipper's meeting/party/Discussion of SI's

April 5 Series 1 Race 1

We may test some things so check back if it doesn't work.

Results will be turned off this week use 'contact us' to request copies if needed

Old SI labeled obsolete

Seminars start March 1,see Scott Tuma's page (menu on right) for details

Racing starts April 5 see the link to the area sailing  calendar: includes CLRA

Buddy Brown notes on Starting are found under "a bunch of great articles and things" in t

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Use "contact us"  to let us know what you'd like us to change and why

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